• 20.09.1953: Born in Northern Germany
  • 1975-79: Study of Visuall Communication in Wuppertal
  • 1982-84: Art Director in advertising agency in New York
  • 1985: Own ad agency
  • 1986: In London; first contacts with the "new" fetish scene (Ectomorph, Kim West, Skin Two)
  • 1987-89: Publisher of 7 issues of “German Skin Two”. The fetish magazine is so successful, that the ad agency is given up
  • 1989-94: Under the new name <O>, the magazine comes out in German and English. 23 issues are published with a print run of up to 50,000 copies
  • 1989 and 1990: The BALL BIZARRE is the largest fetish party of the time and takes place two times. In Germany, there is no organised fetish scene at the time, and even in Londodn, parties are small yet. The BALL BIZARRE opens the flood gates...
  • 1994: MARQUIS is founded after <O> was lost under dramatic circumstances (complete story in Marquis No.2). It is the most successful fetish magazine today and the only one that is published in three languages - German, English, and French
  • 1997: Start of two more magazines: TERMINATRIX is a Fetish Comic and Art magazine, HEAVYRUBBER is geared towards advanced and dedicated rubberists. While the latter is a big success, Terminatrix remains a labour of love
  • 1996: First book publication BIZARRE BEAUTY (ISBN 3-934237-05-3)
  • 2000: The ART BIZARRE is the largest Showcase for fetish fashion and creativity so far: More than 3,000 visitors come to Cologne for three days full of bizarre fashion and bondage shows. All the big names of the scene are present
  • 2004: First comprehensive solo exhibition in Hamburg's Erotic Art Museum
  • 2004: Second book MEGADOLLS (Edition Reuss)
  • 2006: Third book “101 FETISHES” (Hylas Publishing, New York)
  • 2008: Fourth book "VINTAGE DITA" with early photos of Dita von Teese (Edition Skylight)
  • 2010: New book "ZLATA - Contortion Fetish" (Marquis Edition)
  • 2011: Exhibition in Brussels (Fetish Project)
  • 2012: New book "FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY", featuring the "best of" from the last ten years; solo exhibitions in Brescia/Italy and Amsterdam

By making a living out of my fantasies, I have now been active in the fetish scene for over 25 years, as a publisher of magazines (German Skin Two, <O>, Marquis, Heavy Rubber), video director (White Room, Fetish Academy, Rubber Discipline), book publisher (Fetish Divas, Fetish Goddess Dita, Fetish Photography), operating websites (,, writing fetish stories, organizing fetish events (Ball Bizarre, Night of <O>, Night of Marquis, Art Bizarre), but most of all, as a photographer.

This website deals with the latter. If you are lucky to have a girlfriend or wife who is a fetish model, you can shoot wherever and whenever you want. A great way to learn by doing. Originally a graphic designer, I took to photography relatively late in my career. There were too many images in my head that wanted to be realized. After ten years of intense shootings, with more than 300 models, and far more than 400,000 photos in my archive, I think I know how something about fetish photography.

This website offers a selection of my images. If you want to see more, I recommend MARQUIS and HEAVY RUBBER magazines, and our memberzones at and I offer shootings, too, private or commercial; all deatils to be found on this website. For the press, there is a section with selected interviews and information.

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at